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Exter 塗改帶替芯 (5mm x 6m) Exter Correction Tape Refill (5mm x 6m)

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流暢的性能:可平滑, 精確使用塗改帶
可更換替芯:可更換替芯設計, 更環保
3齒輪結構:可防止潛在的卡帶, 確保運作一致
⁠金屬滾輪頭:搭配高品質塗改帶, 確保在任何紙張表面上無縫黏合
可針對彎曲修改:適應曲線和30 度角度調整
6M PET 膠帶:防撕裂 PET 膠帶可確保完美校正,提供乾淨、專業的效果。

描述:5mm x 6m
※※※※塗改帶機身, 需另外購買※※※※

Smooth performance: allows for smooth, precise application of correction tape
Replaceable core: Replaceable core design, more environmentally friendly
3-Gear Structure: Prevents potential jamming and ensures consistent operation
⁠Metal roller head: paired with high-quality correction tape to ensure seamless adhesion on any paper surface
Modifiable for bends: adapts to curves and 30 degree angle adjustment
6M PET Tape: Tear-resistant PET tape ensures perfect correction, delivering clean, professional results.
The pen-type design allows you to apply correction tape easily and accurately, making it easy to carry around
Available colors: white/blue options
Excellent functionality and durable construction for correction work on any paper

Description: 5mm x 6m
※※※※Correction Tape machine needs to be purchased separately※※※※


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