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電子鎖密碼鎖+鎖匙防盜夾萬 Electronic Safe Deposit Box

尺寸:250 x 350 x 250mm
顏色: 黑/白

Description: 250 x 350 x 250mm
Color: Black/White

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電子密碼鎖 – 六位數字碼
防爆鎖材質 – 4mm實心門板
設有鑰匙鎖 – 達雙重保障
備設置按鈕 – 自由更換密碼
可安裝在牆身 – 安裝孔於背部

Six-digit password lock
Explosion-proof material – The thickness of the Lock is 4mm
Double protection with a key lock
Password can be changed freely with a setting button
Can be installed on the wall

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顏色 Colors

黑Black, 白White


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