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迷你封口機 Mini Sealing Machine

產品尺寸:105 x 39 x 38mm
外觀顏色:白色 / 粉藍 / 粉紅

Description: 105 x 39 x 38mm
Color: White, Pink, Tiffany Blue

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小巧方便 易於攜帶
壓感式開闢 五秒即封口
防誤觸設計 可避免燙手
備伸縮界刀 作開封用途
底部附磁貼 可預防丟失
變手機支架 用於看視頻

Small size and convenient
seal can be finished in five seconds
Anti touch design can avoid scalding
Equipped with a knife for unsealing
Magnetic sticker on the bottom
Mobile phone holder for watching videos
Requires two 2A batteries to operate


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